Mini Mum


Mini mums are geared towards the smaller kids. The product is 8” long with one 4” flower and one layer of ribbons. Sticker/vinyl letters are used for names, teams, & activities. One Cutout, trinket, or simple braid can be added for an additional cost.  This is a very simple Mum.

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Custom Name Designs

Shape Option

Single, Double Vertical, Double Horizontal, Triple Heart, Quad Diamond, Texas (Mega), Texas (Bigger), Sash (Mega), Sash (Bigger)

Braids Option

Military, Sport, Whip, Love, Victory, Bubble Gum, Heart Chain, Cone, Box, Spiral Box, Box Spiral, Combo Texas/Champion, Cubel Accordion, Candy Cane, Triangle/Arrow, Round Chain Link, Mum Flower Chain, Big Loop, Twisted Loop, Multi Loop


No Add-On – add $0.00, Ice Me Out Package – add $5.00, Senior Package – add $15.00, Cutout Package – add $5.00