Homecoming is a time for football, dances, and alumni activities. However, in Texas WE ARE EXTRA!  Along with the usual things associated with homecoming, us Texans include homecoming mums, garters, finger mums, wrist mums, boot mums, mum bows, mum masks and more.  

    A homecoming mum began as a token of affection given to a girl by her date in honor of homecoming.  There would be a single be a chrysanthemum with a few ribbons and adornments and be proudly worn as a brooch to the homecoming dance and game.  As the popularity of mums grew, so did the tradition.  What started as a Texas tradition spread to the neighboring states of Oklahoma and Louisiana, and even more as high schoolers now order mums and have them shipped all over the United States.

    In Texas we say the bigger the better, so multiply the original mum by 1,000 and you will have a present day mum.  This will consist of flowers, ribbons, bells, whistles, ornaments , lights, horns, and youcan’t forget the school pride dressed stuffed animals.  Mums can be small, simple, and plain or they can be ginormous, flashy, and extra.  Me personally, I’m extra!